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Member Roster:

Need to contact a member? Due to our members' need for privacy, we have removed the live link from the website. For a copy of our current Member Roster, email Lois in the office at and she will be happy to forward a copy to you.

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FireRock Policies:

As an Oaks member, there are rules for playing FireRock. Click below for more details.

General Etiquette:

Golf Cart Operation:

  • Keep carts on the cart path whenever possible and obey all cart signs
  • Park behind the green so you can leave quickly if another group is approaching

Taking a divot:

  • If using sand, do not overfill and tamp down with your foot so that the reel mowers aren't damaged
  • If replacing a divot, replace in the same direction it came out in and tamp down firmly so mower won't pull it out

On the tee:

  • Pick up your tee and any broken tees you see and please don't dispose of cigarette butts on the turf

Raking the trap:

  • Gently rake surface smooth with tines, level indentations with the back of the rake
  • Replace rake according to policy, outside of bunker

Removing the pin:

  • Remove and replace the pin gently, avoid hitting the edges of the cup
  • Do not remove the pin with the ball in the cup and do not remove the ball with your putter

We would also please appreciate your etiquette in the following course areas:

  1. Please remember to fix all ball marks and replace divots
  2. Obey all signs on the golf course
  3. Keep carts and pull carts out of the fescue grass
  4. Before hitting from tees or into greens, make sure the players ahead have moved out of range
  5. Don't forget to yell FOOOOORE!


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